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Final Course Report and plans for next week

Course Report and plans for next week

So a journey that was meant to take 6 days has taken 10 days of solid maintenance. I am glad we hung in there and got the work done. That will be the maintenance done now until late February next year.

We have also made serious headway regarding our heather trimming and I reckon we have completed around 65% of it. The rest will be completed by the end of next week and that’s across both courses. Our aim next week is to trim all the heather in and around the bunker areas and any other areas where we can’t get the machine into. Also, we will strim round all the trees by next Friday. This will complete the job and look nice throughout the winter months.

The project work on the 9th hole on the Alliss will commence on Monday, when our hire digger and dumper arrive and we will be hard at work until Christmas in this area. The Alliss 9th will remain open from the front tee and the hole will close around mid-January while we carry out this work. The hole will however be open at weekends when we are not around.

Bunker sand removal and replacement with the China clay sand will commence on Tuesday next week, therefore, we will need to have a temporary green in place when we work on the affected hole. Again, this job will take us right up to Christmas time, but I will notify you of the temporary green in the morning course update.

The buggy route is now officially open and if everyone follows the route I am happy for this to stay on throughout the winter! The only way I will close this route is if we get frosty mornings (where I will delay the buggies). I will try to keep you out there with your trollies as often as I can but in extreme circumstances, it will be carry only. I will be working on the Alliss buggy route and will complete this by next Friday.

On top of all of the above, is the course set-up, where we do as much as we can to bring you the best product we can provide on a daily basis. When you arrive at Ferndown Golf Club we want you to have the best experience we can give you. I know from working here for just under 3 years now that this course doesn’t really quieten down in the wintertime. I have some reinforcements arriving shortly to bolster the team for the busy winter period!

On a final note, just to re-enforce my statement from yesterday ‘we will never revert to playing off mats in the winter period’. This, in my opinion, is not golf and I will not allow this. We will do the same as we did last year where we overseed and top dress fairways in mid-April to get them fully recovered.

Thank you for your patience with the greenkeeping team over this course maintenance period.


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