Membership categories for the finest golf in Dorset

We can offer you a range of membership categories including:

  • Full (over 35 years of age)
  • Intermediate (various age bands for those aged 18 to 35)
  • Junior (under 18 years of age)
  • Country (for those members who live more than 50 miles from the club)
  • Overseas (for those members who reside abroad for at least nine months of each year)
  • Temporary (for new comers to the area wishing to join the club who will attain sponsors in the first 6 months of joining).
  • Social (which is open to past members and their families)
  • Alliss Course (for those who wish to limit their golf to 9 holes only).
  • Summer Academy (Private lessons, group coaching and golf on the 9-hole Alliss Course for juniors and adults during May to October).
  • Student (18-24 years of age in full time education)
  • Corporate Membership (for the Old Course or Alliss Course), please contact Ian Walton, General Manager for more information and rates. 

Membership Categories Subs Entrance Fees
Full £1973.00 £2500
Alliss Course £750.00 £670
Country £591.90 £250
Overseas £493.25 £250
Under 35 (30-34) £1479.75 £500
Under 30 (25-29) £986.50 £500
Intermediate (22-24) £789.20 ** (See Note)
Intermediate (19-21) £591.90 ** (See Note)
Student (Aged 18-24) £335.41
Junior Aged (13-18) £157.84
Junior Aged (5-12) £78.92
Social (Incl of VAT @ 20%) £197.30

Subscriptions  These can be paid in full, by credit card or by using a monthly direct debit scheme provided by the Club. Subscriptions are pro-rated when a new member joins part way through the subscription year

Entry Fees:   These may be paid over 3 years, speak to the office for details.

* Reduced rate for groups of 4 or more joining together, please speak to Ian Walton, General Manager for more information

* Please contact Sue Helliker on 01202 653950 or visit Applying for Membership for any limited special offers on joining fees.

**Entrance Fee for members who join as Juniors or Intermediates is payable on the 1st September following their 25th Birthday at the going rate LESS 10% per year of membership at that point.