How to become a member of Ferndown Golf Club

Our membership application process has been designed to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with us and the Club, before you commit to membership. It enables you to make a fully informed decision so please do not hesitate to ask questions at any stage of the process, we're all here to help you in any way we can.

And don't forget that whilst we are keen to preserve all that is good about the traditions and etiquette of golf and the Club, this approach is never to the detriment of modern standards and expectations. We like to think that Ferndown Golf Club offers you that rare combination of exclusive and inclusive.

The membership process explained

  • Collect and complete your application form to join the Club (these are available from the office or click on the link)  Applying for Membership, and have it supported by two existing members of Ferndown Golf Club.
  • Your application is posted in the Clubhouse for a minimum of 14 days while arrangements are made for you to play a game with existing club members.
  • You are then invited to an informal 'get to know you' interview with the Club Captain and fellow Committee members, during which you can ensure that you are happy and comfortable with us, before you commit to membership, and ask any questions you may have.
  • Please don't worry if you do not know any existing members at Ferndown Golf Club who can support your application to join. You will simply be invited to join as a Temporary Member. Then, you have 6 months, to meet and gain the support of two members to be able to transfer to Full Membership status. The sooner you can do that the quicker you can transfer to Full membership with all the benefits that gives.

**Entrance Fee for Members who join as Juniors or Intermediates is payable on the 1st September following their 25th Birthday at the going rate LESS 10% per year of membership at that point.

To find out more about our Membership Incentives, click here