Summer School


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    The Summer School concept was introduced in 2007 as a means by which individuals who did not feel sufficiently confident in their golf to apply for Membership of the Club could involve themselves as much as possible in Club life to enable their eventual entry into membership, through normal Membership election procedures, to be as smooth as possible. The 2013 Summer School will run from 1st May until the 30th September. The President's Course is the venue for the Summer School, providing an ideal golf course for participants to improve and play golf over the five months. The fee for the 2013 Summer School is £450, which includes:
    • Unlimited golf on the President's Course between 1st May and 30th September;
    • Specially arranged competitions and social gatherings;
    • Unlimited use of the Practice Range; and
    •  6 x Individual golf lessons and 4 group lessons with the club's teaching professionals.

    The following information will hopefully give you a good indication as to how you can best integrate into the Ferndown family and make the most of your Summer School Experience at the Club. While it is not “all encompassing” and does not relieve you from the need to acquaint yourself with Club Rules and Bye-Laws, this information will give you an initial insight – and some hints – into gaining the most from your leisure time at the club.

    1.        Welcome

    As a participant in Ferndown Golf Club’s Summer School, you’ll want to feel at home as quickly as possible so you can relax and start making new friends. The following information will help you become familiar with some of the unwritten rules (and little foibles!) that make Ferndown a uniquely pleasant and civilised place to play golf.

    2.        Club Communication

    The traditional methods of communication with Club Members have always been via Notice Boards and, in respect of Meeting Notices, Annual Reports and Annual Invoicing, via Royal Mail.

    The Club’s ( offered new ways of communicating with members. We have over 450 members who are registered to receive correspondence via e-mail. 

    The Club’s website contains everything you need to know about the Club, and includes a private section for members which can only be accessed through a secure Members’ gateway. As a participant in the Summer School you can also gain access to additional information on the Website - simply register as a visitor, declaring your “Club” as “Summer School” and you will then be kept informed of everything about the Summer School. You also get to choose your own password to ensure absolute confidentiality.

        The Summer School has its own dedicated e-mail address:

     3.        Dress Regulations

    Details of the Club’s Dress Regulations appear in the Club Bye-Laws, a copy of which is available elsewhere on this Website.

    4.        Smoking

    Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or under the arched walkways leading from the car park to the Main Trolley Storage Room and Main Clubhouse. Smokers are kindly requested to use ashtrays provided.

    5.        Rights & Responsibilities

    Participants in the Summer School fall are effectively Guests of the Club for the duration of the Summer School. Having completed the summer school individual are invited to apply for membership and follow the normal Membership Election process.

    6.        Visitors

    All names must be entered in the Green Fee Book and the green fee paid before playing. Green fees are paid in the Professional's Shop and a green fee label issued by the Professional must be attached to the visitor's golf bag. Summer School members may invite guests to play with them at any time excluding competition days. The Green Fee rate for this is

    Weekday:   £ 20.00

    Weekend:   £ 25.00

    8.   On the Courses

    (a)    Courtesy

    The President, the Captain and the Ladies' Captain have priority on the starting tee.

    (b)    Etiquette

    Issues such as Speed of Play, Starting Procedures, Playing Restrictions and Care of the Course are explained in the Club Bye-Laws.

    9.   Daily Course Condition

    Closure of the Golf Courses may be necessary at certain times due to the state of the Courses, prevailing weather conditions or other special circumstances. This action is taken either to prevent damage to the Course or to ensure the safety of golfers and other persons on the Course.

    Details of Current Course Condition appear:
    • On the Information Chalk Board on the left hand side of the Archway approaching the 18th Green from the Car Park;
    • On the Club Website;
    • On COURSELINE (01202 653963) – the Club’s Answer Phone service on which members can obtain the most up to date information on Course Closure and Conditions. COURSELINE’s information will always supersede the Website’s information in the event of a contradiction.

    10.   Practice Facilities

    Summer School members have FULL ACCESS to the practice Ground.

    All playing members and visitors who have paid the appropriate green fee may use the practice ground.  Juniors may be accompanied by a parent/guardian on the practice ground provided permission has been given by the General Manager or Head Professional.

    The following practice facilities are available:
    • Practice Tee: Beyond the 7th Tee to the right of the 1st Fairway on the President’s Course;
    • Driving Net: Adjacent to the putting green;
    • Practice Bunkers and Chipping Green: Adjacent to the Practice Tee; and
    • Putting Green: Between the Clubhouse and the 6th green. NOTE: NO CHIPPING is permitted in the vicinity of the putting green.

    All users must obey and follow the rules governing use of the practice round.  The taking of range balls, which are the property of the Club, is prohibited.

    11.   Opening Hours

    The Clubhouse is open every day, with the exception of Christmas Day. Shortened Hours of Trading, which are published early in December each year, are also applicable around Christmas time.


    The following are the hours of business for Members and exclude any additional hours of service involved in the hosting of functions, societies or matches.

 Summer & Winter
Saturday to Thursday10h00 – 18h00
 Friday10h00 – 20h00


The following are the hours of business for Members and exclude any additional hours of service involved in the hosting of functions, societies or matches.

Monday to Thursday 0930 - 21300930 - 2030
Friday0930 - 23000930 - 2300
Saturday & Sunday0930 - 21300930 - 2030

12.   Security

You should be aware that, while the Club Management does everything in its power to ensure the safety of your possessions while on the premises, it remains your duty to ensure that you take the necessary security precautions, as well as arrange for suitable insurance cover. Property should not be left unattended around the Clubhouse, nor valuable items left in the Changing Rooms. The Club accepts no liability for the loss of or damage to any such item and offers no guarantee in terms of the full time operation of the CCTV system on the premises.

13.   Club Rules and Bye-Laws

While this information gives you, as a Summer School participant, basic guidelines to some of the rules of the Club, it remains your duty to ensure that you acquaint yourself with the Club Rules to ensure that you act in accordance with the official Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club.


If you’re unsure about any aspect of membership, need more information or just some friendly advice, our Office Staff will be delighted to help.


Some Helpful Hints

  • Always use the locker rooms for changing. Please do not change your shoes in the car park.

  • No shorts/rainwear/hats are to be worn in the Clubhouse except in the 19th Hole.

  • Refer to the Bye Laws regarding the complete Dress Code regulations.

  • The Presidents Course is also known as the New Course.

  • Always check the Notices Boards outside the Pro-shop or on the web site before you play the course. (Competitions/Societies may be booked at certain times).

  • Always display your Summer School bag tags (be easily identified)

  • Always give courtesy to the Captains/President when on the course

  • Always attempt to keep up with the players in front.

  • Always invite faster players or smaller groups to play through.

  • Always carry your mobile on your person or in your golf bag in case of emergencies, but have it switched off. Programme in the clubhouse numbers and also Pro Shop. Report any suspicious circumstances.

  • Always respect the course - replace divots/ repair pitch marks/ follow the signs.

  • Always refer to the Club Bye-Laws, if in any doubt.

  • Start sheets will be in the Pro Shop at least 7 days prior to the competition date. Entry fee will be £2.00. Prizes will be in voucher form. Results will be posted on the Notice Board and the Summer School Web Page.

Information Pack

When joining the Summer School you will received an Information Booklet, as well as the following at the Welcoming Meeting:

    A copy of the Club Rules;
    A copy of the Club Bye-Laws;
    A complimentary pitch mark repairer and ball marker;
    A copy of the Professionals’ Coaching Program
    Details of the Club Member(s) who will serve as your mentor(s) throughout the Summer School Programme

Application Form: [CLICK HERE]

Summer School Organisers

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